Welcome to Waterford School Districts Blackboard Connect!

Blackboard Connect is our Districts Notification software. 

Parents, if you are looking for your student’s grades, attendance, report card and assignments you are in the wrong portal.  You want to sign into the Parent Portal.  Either use the Parent Portal link on our web site under Portal or here is the link:  https://mistar.oakland.k12.mi.us/waterford/parentportal/

Waterford School District automatically signs up all parents and parents living elsewhere with a Blackboard Connect account with the contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) that you provided to your student’s school. So, setting up a Blackboard Connect account is optional.   Also, all staff is automatically enrolled with the contact information that comes from our HR department on your account and is optional as well.

Why would I sign up for Blackboard Connect?  Some parents don’t want to be called for attendance, District or school notices.  Blackboard Connect allows a parent to manage the phone numbers, email addresses and notices to be called on.   If you do nothing we will send you all communications for school and District information including attendance calls. Staff, you as well can restrict notices and manage your account or do nothing and you will receive all notices from your building and the School District.

Still want to sign up:

Please log in to view your account information or click sign me up!  to create an account.

If you have any questions, please email the Site Administrator by clicking on the Contact Site Administrator link at the bottom of the page.

Note:   For parents, you will need your 8 digit student id number (identification code) that you can get in Parent Portal.  For Staff, you will need your employee id (identification code).